Trump and his car


The 45th president and the topmost business man in the US would surely have a loads of money and would also have a couple of mansions .This makes sure that the President of a such a large Democracy  would be the target of many terrorist organisations and to save Mr. President from such attacks The US based company launched a cadillac car because it is mainly known for them. The cadillac car  made it’s debut in september 2014 which was named as Beast on Donald Trump’s persistence.The car costs around 11.5 crores in Indian Rupees and in US Dollars,it costs around 1.5 mn dollars.It has certain security features that can just blow up your mind .The car has even been named as The “Presidential Car of the State”


It is a bullet and blast resistant car and also has a 3 inched military graded armor. It weighs around 9000 kg.It has also certain special technology based items out of which one is a phone placed in the car which directly connects to the Vice President of the Country.Also has a the blood samples of the President in case of transfusion.It’s a limousine and has a pump air shotgun which can easily protect the President during gun fights.It also has a tear gas cannon and also has a smoke dispenser.

Modi and his Car

The Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world was neither a business man nor a money maker.He used to live in a family which was very and he used to live along with his family in an Indian state called Gujarat. He was a tea seller and used to sell tea at a railway station.But now is the Prime Minister of the Indian subcontinent and now owns a Mercedes 7series special security edition.Mercedes is a German base premium car manufacturing company and is famous all across the globe.On request of the Indian Government ,BMW designed a special edition of BMW 7series which costs around 9 crores but it’s normal version is out for general public for an amount of Rp 2crores.IT is considered to be the safest car of the Country.It has an automatic transmission control. It is used only and only for the Rich Businessman and for highly posted Government officials.


It is a bullet proof car and has an automatic bomb or gun which sense a bomb or gun present outside or inside the car upto a specific range.It has an emergency exit and the car is very light in weight in compare with The Beast.It can easily bear the assaults of guns like AK-47 and can be driven upto 300km even if the petrol is vey less in amount.It has a 6litres fuel cylinder and is made up of a BR7 graded balastic material. It can run upto a maximum speed of 320 km per hour.


In my opinion The Beast can never have a comparision with a car like BMW but after it’s modification,BMW760li can be a top contender in terms of the safest car.But The Beast is the safest car of the world but if we talk about the appearance and luxor of BMW then it is surely the best.